Ashly Anderson & Peter Green - Jan 31, 2018 - Dirty Wives Club

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260852 - Ashly Anderson grows suspicious when she sees an unknown man digging in her yard, however he tells her that her husband employed her to assist clear up and rebuild the deck after the hurricane injury. What he doesn’t inform her is that her husband additionally employed him to fuck his sizzling spouse, however Ashly independently verifies this for herself when she calls her husband to see what’s happening with the stranger within the grass. Once the jig is up, Ashly goes inside to slide into one thing slightly extra snug – crimson lingerie – and get herself warmed up with a intercourse toy. After some time, Peter heads inside to seek out her, and oh how he does, with that vibrator pinned up towards her clit! He’s able to get even sweatier with a pair of massive tits in his face and his huge dick inside this hotwifing babe’s pussy!

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