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Channel: SEXART
Pornstars: Alexa Tomas Julia Roca

275841 - Synopsis: In Alis Locanta’s 4K feature “Cumpleaños Feliz” the birthday girl — Julia Roca — is asleep in bed when her girlfriend — Alexa Tomas — returns home with a cake and candles. After lighting the candles Alexa then pads stealthily upstairs with the celebratory surprise. When Roca has blown out the candles we quickly learn exactly what it was she wished for as the twosome fall into a loving and passionate clinch. After Julia has helped Alexa out of her dress she sucks her erect nipples, and then begins to lustfully lick and suck her pussy. It’s obvious that Roca enjoys giving pleasure every bit as much as Tomas enjoys receiving it, and the bedroom soon echoes with the spontaneous sounds of arousal and delight. Alexa eventually rolls onto her belly and Julia continues to eat her from behind, and when she rolls back onto her back she brings her to a moaning, gasping, breathy climax. As her own orgasm subsides Alexa goes to work on Julia. She slips off her football jersey, gropes her crotch through her panties, removes them, and begins to deftly stroke, finger, and lick. Roca is clearly primed and ready and she responds instantly to Alexa’s attentions. After bringing Julia to an exceptionally fevered peak of pleasure the lovers hurriedly entwine their legs, pressing pussy against pussy, and then energetically hump and grind each other to a super-heated pair of simultaneous and explosive orgasms, making this a very, very “Feliz” “Cumpleaños,” for the participants, and viewers, alike.

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