La Cinco De La Tarde - SEXART

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Channel: SEXART
Pornstars: Alexa Tomas

275523 - Synopsis: A celebration is under way. Ensconced in the back of a limousine as it cruises through a bustling nocturnal cityscape, a couple drink a Champagne toast to their love, The mood is joyous and loving, and grows more so when the man hands the woman a small box. Inside the box is a watch, which the recipient — Alexa Tomas — proudly places on her wrist. When we next meet Alexa she is at work in her home office. She glances nervously at the wristwatch as five o'clock approaches. But in "La Cinco De La Tarde," she's not counting the minutes until quitting time, she's looking forward to honoring a promise to her absent lover. And so, when 5PM arrives, she follows through on that promise. She steps away from her desk and begins to fantasize. Although we have no way of knowing exactly what she's thinking, it's soon made clear that her thoughts are sexual in nature, and that she intends to act on them. She caresses her body through her clothing, and when those clothes become restrictive she removes them, piece by piece. As her masturbating intensifies she moves to a chair, spreads her long, toned legs, and, moaning and gasping with self-induced delight, she finally arrives at an extended and powerfully pleasurable climax. But this is only the first day, and the translation of "La Cinco De La Tarde" is "every day at 5PM," so this red-hot ritual will be repeated again and again until Alexa and her lover are reunited.

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