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Channel: SEXART
Pornstars: Melena A

276033 - Synopsis: The penultimate installment of Alis Locanta’s cryptic and compelling “Outlines” series begins with a lush orchestral flourish. The theme music, which plays for the film’s entire length, provides evocative accompaniment and also serves to link two distinct views of the star, Melena A. “Outlines Episode 9 — Splash!” opens with tightly framed shots of Melena surrounded by white sheets. The initial impression is that she’s in bed and thinking happy thoughts. But we soon see that she’s outside and that the sheets are hanging on a laundry line. The white sheet reappears after the film cuts to black. Now Melena is wrapped in the sheet, and the white fabric is wet and partially transparent. After the sheet falls away with a slap as it hits the floor, Melena begins to masturbate. She remains standing for the duration of the act. The camera frames her in close-up as she sucks and lubricates her long fingers with copious quantities of her saliva, and also from a low angle that masterfully captures the curves of her physique and the building intensity of her autoerotic ministrations. After Melena achieves a moaning, gasping, orgasm, the film cuts once more to black. When the picture returns it’s a low shot of Melena — at least we assume it’s Melena, her face isn’t shown — as she climbs a ladder wearing nothing but a pair of stiletto heels and a short skirt. Shot entirely in 4K ultra high definition black and white, “Outlines Episode 9 — Splash!” is stylish, steamy, provocative, as well as puzzling. Self-contained and satisfying on its own, it’s also unquestionably a piece of the complex and sometimes perplexing “Outlines” series, and can’t fail to whet the viewer’s appetite for the following, and final, episode.

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