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Channel: SEXART
Pornstars: Mr. Jacob Silvie Deluxe

275049 - Synopsis: Anyone who has spent any time enjoying nude photographs has probably wondered — if not outright fantasized — about the life of a professional erotic photographer. "The Studio" presents one possible variation on that theme, but rather than artist and model, here we have a photographer (played by Mr. Jacob) and his stunning assistant, the aptly named Sylvie Deluxe. It begins as just another day at work — the day's session has ended, the model has gone home, and the pair begin dismantling the set. When Sylvie takes a moment to review the day's production on a laptop the artist makes an advance that his assistant readily accepts. An enthusiastic fellatrix, Deluxe makes a meal of Mr. Jacob's joint, and then he spreads her out on the floor and devours her Deluxe delicacy. When Mr. Jacob starts to pump her succulent slit, Sylvie lends an assistant's hand and works her clit furiously. That hand proves its value in the film's final moments by stroking Jacob to a copious finish, but not before Deluxe has moaned through her own ecstatic orgasmic moments. It's just another scorching session in "The Studio."

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