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275229 - Synopsis: After introducing the principal characters in the first episode of his new "The Writer" series, director Alis Locanta begins to experiment with the potential of his creation in "The Writer — Sabor de Amor." In this second installment Luna, the writer of the title, uses her torrid affair with her neighbor, Whitney Conroy, as the inspiration for a story she's working on. The characters in that story are portrayed by Dido A and Iwia A, and both of these exceedingly beautiful models deliver truly impressive performances. Well over forty minutes in length, "The Writer — Sabor de Amor" shifts from one relationship to another, from reality to fantasy, and from internal thought to exterior action, linking and layering the various threads of the developing plot into an engaging whole. While Luna's relationship with her boyfriend, Franck Franco, is explored to some degree here, the erotic action occurs between the various female players. A photo session in which shy Luna poses for Whitney turns into a vigorous session of lesbian sex. And with their romance headed for the rocks, Dido and Iwia resolve their relationship difficulties with a long night of passionate and multi-orgasmic lovemaking, finishing off with a scorching sixty-nine. Sexart invites you to savor the intoxicating flavors of lesbian erotica in "The Writer — Sabor de Amor."

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